We are often asked by our customers; What is the difference between men and women's ski boots?

While most ski boot manufacturers use the same ski boot mold for both men and women's ski boots, they will affix a shorter cuff to the lower portion of the ski boot. This results in a ski boot shell that is slightly lower in calf height. The reasoning behind this is the anatomic difference in regards to a typically lower women's calf compared to men. Therefore the boot cuff will put less pressure on the lower leg and correct the awkward stance that may be created without the anatomical considerations. Unfortunately ski boot manufacturers do not always adapt the liner from men and women's boots properly, causing pressure on the calf by not providing a liner to accommodate both the ladies specific cuff and the actual calf of a particular woman. 

There are other critical differences between men and women's feet that need to be considered when fitting ski boots.  Women's feet have lower insteps and are narrower than men's therefore causing a tendency for women to have inconsistent stability in a ski boot. A common complaint from women is that the foot is moving within the ski boot thus causing further discomfort.

Wearing high heeled shoes will often cause bunions on women's feet; these are bony bumps on the first metatarsal (big toe). They can often be very painful in ski boots due to the close proximity of the plastic shell through the liner which may assert pressure on the abnormal areas of the foot. Another consequence of high heeled shoes is the shortening of the achilles tendon and hamstrings. Due to the aforementioned afflictions as well as a typically narrower ankle and heel, women often experience heel lift in a seemingly properly fitting ski boot. 

In order to produce a women's specific ski boot, Surefoot has created a number of procedures to focus on the particular issues mentioned above to create a more personalized fit from top ski boot brands such as Lange, Nordica, Tecnica, Salomon and Dalbello.  Book an appointment at a Surefoot location and get a properly fitted ski boot so you can enjoy your day on the hill. Book Now


  • Surefoot_K2_80.jpg

    K2 Women's Minaret 80 

  • Surefoot_RX_110.jpg

    Lange Women's RX 110 LV 

  • Surefoot_RX_80.jpg

    Lange Women RX 90 

  • Surefoot_XT_90.jpg

    Lange XT 90 Women's 

  • Surefoot_XT_80.jpg

    Lange Women's XT 80

  • Surefoot_MV_1.jpg

    Tecnica Women's Mach MV 1

  • Surefoot_75_W.jpg

    Nordica Women's 75










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