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Feet Banks Goes to Surefoot Whistler

A man who knows what he likes and likes to stick with it, Feet Banks had been using the same rear entry boots since 1991. This year, he finally decided to see what the new-fangled modern technology was all about and get a new pair. What better place than the biggest ski resort in North America to find ski boot experts? Watch video here.


Memory Foam Liner Takes Surefoot Custom Ski Boots to a Whole New Level

With as much precision as a Savile Row tailor making a bespoke suite, Surefoot creates ski boots that perfectly match the contours of the skier's feet, ankles, shins, and calves.  Recommended to Robb Report by Pete Wagner, owner of Wagner Custom Skis in Telluride, Colo., Surefoot ensures a pain-free and hassle-free experience, which is too often ruined by an ill-fitting ski boot.  The Park City, Utah, company has been making custom ski boots for more than three decades and recently released its most comfortable liner ever, which its experts tested rigorously for the last few years.  New for this season are the Surefoot Contoura X5, X Pro, and C3 liners, which are injected with memory foam that swaddles the foot in a miniature mattress of comfort. Read full article.









A Day in the Life of a Surefoot Employee

Watch Surefoot Verbier Manager, Christoph Rigert as he takes you  through his typical day of work!  His day is composed of making the best fitting, best performing ski boot for every skier and finding some time in the day to ski himself! Ski all you can! Click Here to WATCH



Why It Really Pays to Shell Out for Custom-Fitted Ski Boots

Rich Stoner from concludes that having ski boots that feel and perform great is a major part of the skiing experience. "The whole custom process took a little over an hour and was well worth it. When I took my new boots to get my ski bindings adjusted to them, the ski tech noticed they were customized, and said, “This is a total game changer.” He’s right...."
Ski boots custom fit

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 "Ski Boots Don't Have To Be Uncomfortable" 

Ski boots dont have to be uncomfortableCopper Mountain, Colorado - People here on ski vacation have asked me, "I only ski one or two weeks a year, is it worth it?" I say absolutely! You have limited time to enjoy this activity so comfortable ski boots that fit perfectly and keep you warm help you get the most out of the investment you make in a ski trip..."

Ski Boots don't have to be uncomfortable, take an hour out of your day to get fit with proper fitting ski boots, experience the difference of a better day on the mountain, ease of skiing, warmth, comfort and enhanced performance. 

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Forbes - "The Best Ski Boots You Can Buy, Made Just For You"

Contributor at Forbes, Allison Olmsted, explains the benefits of Surefoot Custom Ski Boots after she goes through the entire ski boot fitting process at Surefoot ski boot shop in Killington, Vermont.  "...We’re all shaped differently, including our legs and feet. And we all move differently. There are many ski boots geared to varying sizes, abilities and needs of skiers. 

Women ski boots fitting KillingtonBut not enough for the infinite needs of different skiers. When you can make a turn simply by pressing down with one toe, which you can with today’s skis, you need ski boots that accurately translate the message to your skis and do what you are telling them to do.

Custom ski boots are the way to achieve this. Instead of making adjustments to try to fix off the rack models, these are created specifically for you, with liners and insoles built to fit only your feet, ankles, calves and stance. They excel on several different levels that can transform your skiing experience." Click Here to Read Entire Article 


Surefoot Gives Back. " Donated boots warming the feet of Anchorage's homeless"


What does Surefoot do with new unused ski boot liners?  Rather than just trying to find a recycling solution, Surefoot wanted to see if there was a way to give back and help those who are in need. Surefoot has teamed up with SAVEarth—an organization dedicated to repurposing salvageable waste to good causes—to re-purpose unused ski boot liners into winter boot for the homeless and poor living in extreme cold climates where there is great need for warm, durable footwear. Click Here to Watch.


Surefoot Ski Boot Fitting Process - Whistler Shaw TV

Ask any snowboarder or skier....nothing will cut your day shorter on the ski hill than sore feet! Thanks to one Whistler companies world leading technology, mountain goers can get  ski boots made in the exact shape of their feet to ensure the best comfort possible. To kick off her six-part ski series, Shaw TV's Vanessa Ybarra swung by the Surefoot Whistler store to find the perfect ski boots for her upcoming ski lessons! Click on the image to Watch 











 The Weather Channel: Don't Go Downhill Skiing with the Wrong Boots

Meteorologist Paul Goodloe, from The Weather Network visit Surefoot Breckenridge and gets fit in Surefoot Custom Ski Boots.  Getting fit for a proper fitting ski boot is important for comfort and performance on the mountain.  Watch Video

WeatherChanel - best fitting ski boots breckenridge


October Madness Sale: Save on 2016 Ski Boots Oct. 30 - Nov. 1 2015!

Have you conquered the bunny slope? Are you ready to tackle the ski lift this winter? Now is the time to prepare yourself for an epic ski season! Before you make your way up the mountain, you're going to need the best in ski equipment. Take advantage of the October Madness Sale going on at Surefoot's mountain locations from October 30th through November 1st. You'll get 20% off all 2016 model ski boots and equipment so you can take on the slopes like a pro!  

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Surefoot Annual Labor Day Sale 2015

Visit a participating Surefoot location September 4 through September 7 to SAVE on all the gear you need to have an epic ski season! Save up to 70% on prior year's custom ski boots, pre-fit ski boots, helmets, goggles, gloves and accessories!

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The Office Couloir - Dynafit and Ski Touring - So Hot Right Now

As you know, I used to touch a lot of feet at Surefoot. For those looking to get into a touring boot, is fit still as important? Can orthotics/footbeds play an important role? Thanks for reminding us of our foot fetish, Zach. ;-) Yes. Of course fit still matters. It matters perhaps more with a touring boot than an alpine boot. You have to wear your touring boots for many hours over many miles. There’s no lodge at the bottom, middle, or top of the mountain where you can peel those suckers off. Not to mention lack of hot chocolate in the skin track… but I digress. Invest is a proper ski boot fitting when you buy new ski boots. Trust me!

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October Madness Sale: Save on 2015 Ski Boots!

Have you conquered the bunny slope? Are you ready to tackle the ski lift this winter? Now is the time to prepare yourself for an epic ski season! Before you make your way up the mountain, you're going to need the best in ski equipment. Take advantage of the October Madness Sale going on at Surefoot's mountain locations from October 31st through November 2nd. You'll get 20% off all 2015 model ski boots and equipment so you can take on the slopes like a pro!  

Participating Stores: Vermont: Killington, Idaho: Sun Valley, Colorado: Vail, Aspen, Steamboat, Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper, Utah: Park City, California: Mammoth, Squaw Valley. Sale Hours: 9am to 6pm. 

New Surefoot Recycling Effort Saves Feet - And the Earth. 

PARK CITY, UT – It may be the world’s biggest supplier of custom ski boots but Surefoot also wants to make sure that its operations have the smallest impact on the earth–and do some much needed good at the same time. 

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Best Kid’s Ski Gear – Surefoot Boots – The best money you will spend on your kids!

If you want to have a happy child, start with their feet. You would think that after teaching skiing for multiple decades, that I would have gotten this point. But it was the beginning of last season and I rented my child some boots for the year. We made it halfway down the first run and he was not a happy camper. Luckily, Surefoot was right across the street; we walked in and started looking at the wall of boots. Ski boots are NOT a fashion accessory. Don’t get me wrong, style and looks would weigh into our decision, but the right fit is the most important. 

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Boot Fitting Tips from Surefoot

Learn why ski boots are the most important piece of ski equipment.  Surefoot video gallery will review why you should rent skis and not ski boots, how to buckle your ski boots and the importance of proper fitting ski boots.  

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Surefoot announces release of 3 new Custom Ski Boot Liners:  

The Surefoot Contoura X4, X4 Pro & C2

Park City, UT, August 14, 2014:  Surefoot is the leading ski boot retailer in the world and as such, has resources that most ski boot retailers don’t. Specializing only in custom ski boot fitting for the past 32 years, fitting tens of thousands of feet per year from all around the world and tracking data on every foot worked with, has given Surefoot knowledge of feet and their interaction with ski boots that is unequaled in the industry. It is these resources and a passion for making a difference in the world of ski boot technology that led to the development of the Contoura series of custom ski boot liners. 

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Tired of Ill Fitting Boots? 

Your ski holiday is invaluable. It’s not just the expense of the holiday or your sacred time. For most of us it’s the few weeks of the year that you can enjoy the mountains and skiing, and so it’s of paramount importance that you make the most of it. Part of that enjoyment comes from being comfortable in your ski equipment and perhaps the most important fixture of your set up is your ski boots.

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Experience Ultimate Comfort & Performance

Custom ski boots will make a world of difference when you are on the slopes. If you’re ready to experience complete comfort, performance, and mountain style, Surefoot offers a fitting process unlike any other. Whether you're an avid skier or you're just starting on the bunny slope, the shoe shop will provide you with boots designed specifically for your feet. 

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Surefoot Medals at X Games 2014

This past weekend ESPN’s Winter X Games returned to Aspen, CO for four days of thrills, spills, and a lot of air. Surefoot was well represented in these games in both snowboard and skiing events. Six of the Winter X Game medalists use Surefoot Orthotics. World-class athletes take advantage of the orthotics that Surefoot provides them because they know Surefoot Orthotics work. 

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High Gear: Surefoot Custom Ski Boots

This week we checked in withthe guys at the Copper Mountain Surefoot custom boot shop to learn a little more about the science behind boot fitting and just what can be done to get the perfect fit. They also set us up with a pair of their full custom fit ski boots to get a feel for what the right size is supposed to feel like.

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Forbes Article: Give The Gift Of Better Skiing With Custom Ski Boots

"I can’t say this clearly enough: there is nothing you can do to instantly improve your skiing as much as getting a pair of perfectly fitted ski boots. And for most skiers, that means custom. So if you have an avid skier on your holiday list, look no further than the gift of custom ski boots, a gift that will keep giving back for many years to come."

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Surefoot Medals at X Games 2013

This past weekend ESPN’s Winter X Games returned to Aspen, CO for four days of thrills, spills, and a lot of air. Surefoot was well represented in these games in both snowboard and skiing events. Ten of the Winter X Game medalists use Surefoot Orthotics. World-class athletes take advantage of the free orthotics that Surefoot provides them because they know Surefoot Orthotics work. 

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Ski boot company expands into running companies

"Park City ski boot retailer Surefoot has nearly tripled in size following the recent acquisitions of two running shoe companies, FrontRunners based in Los Angeles, and Super Runners Shop based in New York City."

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Perfect Your Running Form With Custom Running Orthotics From Surefoot

Surefoot provides the best custom ski boots for all skill levels, giving beginners, intermediates, and experts the best in comfort, style and precise orthotics. But their specialty extends far beyond the powdery slopes, as they offer a wide range of custom orthotics for running, biking, walking, and golfing.

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Surefoot Custom Ski Boots on Forbes’ Holiday Gift Guide

"There simply is no piece of equipment that matters more in terms of performance or comfort than ski boots, and most skiers wear ski boots that don’t fit right. It’s that simple, and they are sabotaging themselves. Get a pair of these and you will instantly ski better, as well as being able to ski longer and be less sore afterwards."

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Forbes Explains Why You Need Custom Ski Boots

"There is no piece of ski equipment more important than ski boots. Not clothes, not goggles, not even the skis themselves. Ski boots can make or break your ski experience, yet the vast majority of recreational skiers make the wrong choice."

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The Process of getting fit for Surefoot Custom Ski Boots

"It’s not that my ski boots are too big, too small, too painful or otherwise detracting from my enjoyment of skiing, but over several seasons of talking to skiers who did have custom liners, and after doing a bit more research online, I came to the conclusion that there was nothing to be lost – especially given Surefoot’s reputation for excellent customer service and a guarantee that they’ll sort out any issues."

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Surefoot Releases New Custom Ski Boot Liners

"Custom ski boot fitting specialists Surefoot are continuing to innovate, with two new models of custom ski boot liners available for the upcoming season. The new Contoura X3 and C1 liners are aimed at making the custom option more appealing to a broader range of skiers."

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Foam-injected ski boot liners: the test

"I got to put the new set-up to the test on a recent weekend trip to Obergurgl, at the top of the Oetztal Valley in the Austrian Tirol. Perhaps the biggest thing to get used to was actually having more room in the toe-box. "

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The Surefoot Challenge

The challenge will take place throughout our Surefoot stores in France and Switzerland. Participants will have the opportunity to compare a Surefoot Custom Ski Boot to any other off the shelf boot and keep the one that they prefer. For Free. We know we make the best fitting, best performing ski boots in the world, and now we are going to prove it. 

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Remembering Surefoot Verbier Manager Scotty Mann

March 1, 2011 was a very sad day, possibly the saddest that we have had in Surefoot's history. Scotty Mann, our friend and colleague of more than 16 years, tragically passed away in an avalanche in Crans Montana, Switzerland.

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