Surefoot RX 110 LV Heated Ski Boot


We can all agree that the ski season is too short to spend your ski day in the lodge because you are cold! Surefoot now offers our fully customizable heater integrated liners. Heated ski boots are a great solution to avoid cold feet, with Surefoot’s C and X heat liners, there is no additional heater installation necessary, and these can be used in any brand or size ski boot!

Heated Ski Boot

The heated liners have ten levels of heat settings, designed to provide enough heat to keep the cold chill from getting to your toes while skiing. Conveniently, you can adjust the heat settings from an app on your phone and even use different settings in each boot! The liners are built with an internally wired heat element with Surefoot Winterheat batteries. These liners offer the very best heater technology, with the comfort and performance you expect from a Surefoot Custom Liner. The element inside the liner is controlled by a battery pack that is secured on the outside of the ski boot power strap. Proper circulation and warm feet are critical to your ski performance and ability to control your skis!

Contact us to upgrade your existing liner or start from scratch with a Surefoot C or X heat liner! Experience the difference– Stay warm and improve your performance!

We can also install heaters to standard boots and liners in less than 10 minutes. Shop ski boot heaters Here. 

Download The Winterheat Instruction Manual


Surefoot Integrated Heated Liner Warranty Policy

The conditions in an alpine environment can be very challenging for electronic products. In the event of a heating element failure within the two-year warranty period, we will replace the internal element with a new heating element, which attaches to the footbed/insole. 




Winterheat 3400 Set Up

Winterheat 3400 Set Up

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