Here's What Our Customers ARe Saying

Randy - Alta Instructor/Ski Patroller

I am and have been a professional skier my whole adult life. I am an instructor, patrolman, and guide.  My boots are the most important piece of equipment, because if my feet hurt there is no way I am able to ski effectively no matter what skis or bindings I am using. For the past 20 years, plus, I have been going to Surefoot to have my boots fit right. The staff is positive, and more than helpful, and understand the needs of not only the needs of professionals, but the needs of the recreational skier as well. Steve, Barry and everyone on the staff makes boot fitting for the individual their primary goal. The great thing about Surefoot is they have the products to match the expert service. Insoles, custom liners, boot heaters and of course a full selection of all the best boots on the market. Over the years of having my boots fit I have seen the genesis and growth of injected liners. Every year I have said to the staff that this is the best fitting boot I could have, or expect. This year my expectations were exceeded. Surefoot has found the Holy Grail to injected liners with the new memory foam liners. For years, as professionals, we have always thought we could have the perfect great fit for performance, but there were some sacrifices we might make with rigid foam. All that is in the past. Memory foam liners are in my alpine performance boots, and now in my backcountry AT boots. Zero problems. Amazing comfort, and performance actually has an uptick since my feet are happy and comfortable. This year I will spend over 100 days in my boots and I can say with certainty that I will not have boot issues. As a professional I recommend you experience and try the new memory foam liners and have these guys fit your boots right.


You gave skiing back to my husband.  He’s 58 years old and has significant mechanical issues with his feet.  Over the year's she’s had more and more difficulty skiing. Ski boots never seemed to fit quite right, more and more pain to the point where he couldn’t tolerate more than a couple of hours on the slopes.  He decided to give Surefoot a try and he almost wept (with joy, not pain) after his first trip out with his new liners.  He said he hasn’t skied like that since he was in his 20’s. “He” got tired before his feet did.  He got them at the store at Surefoot Squaw and the people there were great, very helpful and knowledgeable.  Thanks for returning the joy of skiing. 

I would like to pass on my thanks to the guys at Surefoot Whistler. The quality of service you provided me was first class, if was great to be made so welcome even when we had a couple of adjustment to make. There is no doubt that the Custom Ski Boot you sold me has improved my skiing and enhanced the control I have, I was able to ski blacks confidently and even a few double blacks in a controlled manor.

Loving the new ski boots! Never been so quick edge to edge. And having warm feet when skiing is a miracle for me! 

Gary Miller - Olympic Alpine Ski Coach

Surefoot takes a dramatic leap into rarified air by introducing custom-made ski boot liners with memory foam.  Those of you who sleep on a Temperpedic mattress will know exactly what I’m about to describe. 

As a longtime proponent and wearer of Surefoot injected foam ski boot liners, I now feel like they’ve achieved the Holy Grail. When it was finally time to upgrade my current Surefoot liners due to high mileage, I was secretly hoping it would also ease a pesky hot spot on the inside of my right ankle bone.  Steve at Surefoot in Park City assured me that the new memory foam would eliminate the problem.  With a radically improved and quicker foaming process, the results were beyond my expectations - incredible comfort, lots of toe room and a fantastic fit.    

Having been in custom foamed boots for over 30 years, I can honestly say, “I’m blown away” at how great these memory foam liners feel.  No more hot spots anywhere and a more accurate, true fit – producing a higher performing boot.  I’m now as comfortable in my Surefoot ski boots as I am in my Temperpedic bed at night.  That’s something I never thought I’d say!  Kudos to Surefoot! 


Scott, Utah

I wanted to thank you for all of your help when I was in the store on Wednesday. I went skiing with my kids on Saturday and the boots worked out great, I was able to ski all day in them and did not even take them off during lunch, the only problem was my legs are so out of shape they gave out around 2:00pm!! The great news is now that I know that my feet will be fine I will work on getting my legs in shape, it's been over 10 years since I was able to spend the day on the slopes, my kids are really excited that I will be able to ski with them now!

Thanks again for all your patience and work to make my experience a great one. It was well worth the drive from Logan.

Anne, British Columbia

Surefoot. Our two daughters have always purchased their boots through the Surefoot Growing Pains Program. We highly appreciate Surefoot for the fantastic boot fitting service which has been extended to us over the years. Whenever there has been a problem with our ski boots it has been remedied immediately whether at source of purchase (New York) or where the problem has arisen (Whistler). They have never quibbled about anything. On two occasions they have even replaced boots for one of our daughters at no charge. We are blown away by this superb customer service and never fail to tell our friends that they should go to Surefoot for ski boots.

Lorrie, Breckenridge

I went into the Surefoot location in Breckenridge, Colorado a couple weeks ago and was greeted by an employee named John. I had bought my boots a year prior to this appointment. Throughout the year I had brought in the boots several times to have some adjustments made. After each adjustment the boots felt a little better, but were still not as comfortable as I would prefer. I was feeling like the boots were just a bit too tight for my liking. John heard my concerns and he made the decision to just start over with me and refit me entirely for new boots.

I could not be happier with my new boots! I can finally ride the entire day with my husband and my feet no longer hurt! I truly appreciate the integrity of both John and Surefoot to honor the lifetime warranty of the boots. Thank you! John gave me great customer service and has turned me into a true fan of Surefoot. Again, Thank you John and Surefoot.

John, Steamboat Springs

My technician was Todd, and he was excellent. He began by asking me what I needed help with, and was very concerned with my issues. After reviewing my file, the decision was to start over with new boots. The fitting process was excellent, and resulted in boots that were both comfortable and well fitting. When the process was complete, the boots were more comfortable than my old boots had ever been. Skiing the next day was a revelation. My skiing was much more precise than it had ever been with my previous boots, and much more enjoyable. But the biggest change was my ability to ski ALL DAY with out my legs wearing out. I followed up with another day of resort skiing and then a full day of cat skiing. I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling. I want to thank Todd and Surefoot for the new boots; it has been a turning point in my skiing. Because my boots fit, I have more confidence and am skiing steeper lines than ever before. I have told everyone that has asked (and some that haven’t) how great Surefoot is and specifically what a great Surefoot store you have in Steamboat.

Todd was out when I went back by the store, so I would like to take this opportunity to say; Thank You Todd!

Rich, Whistler

I went up and saw Sam at the Whistler store last week and got into a set of Lange Rx's with the new liner and new footbed. The difference is literally night and day from my old ski boots, which were a technical shell and liner I had bought from the Whistler ski boot store, and a Surefoot cusotm footbed. Before, I couldn't ski more than 3 hours without having to take an hour-long break to get my boots off and the blood flowing to my feet again. It really ruined the days I had because my friends and I would be hiking and I'd have to skip a loop or two to go down to the car, turn the heaters on, heat my boots up so I could get my foot out, and then do it again to get my feet back in. It really sucks when you're sitting around at the end of the day telling stories, and I wasn't a part of half of them because I had to do my "boot maintenance".

With the new ski boots, at the end of the day, I actually wanted to keep my ski boots on because they felt so good! I laughed to myself the whole way home. My friends almost had me convinced that skiing required your feet to be uncomfortable. When it becomes their turn to buy new boots, I will be personally driving them to the Surefoot Whistler ski boot store (unless there's a closer store by that point!). Sam Mcdonald is the reason I will be a customer for life. I absolutely love your custom ski boot product and the way you deal with your clients. I look forward to *hopefully* being a part of that next year.

Matt Ross taking his Surefoot Custom

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