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What makes a Surefoot Conforma the obvious choice in performance insoles? After fitting more than a million custom insoles for athletes around the world, ranging from professionals to weekend warriors, we've measured, evaluated and developed an insole solution for almost every foot imaginable. That heritage in custom insoles combined with our leading edge biomechanical research in labs in Switzerland and around the world has helped us finally create the optimum, out-of-the-box insole, the Conforma. This insole is designed to put your foot in a neutral position in your shoe, giving you an anatomically correct stance. This is a huge advantage whether you are running, walking, cycling or even playing golf. Whatever your sport, the Conforma will get you as close as possible to an ideal fit, maximizing your comfort and performance while alleviating foot related pain. 



Conforma Insoles arch profile selected for you positions the foot in a biomechanically "neutral" position for optimizing performance and comfort in your footwear. The result is a correct and balanced stance.



Shock Plus midsole provides the highest degree of impact absorption. Conforma Insoles incorporate a mid-layer foam which adds additional cushion and rebound, propelling the foot through the gait cycle.



The molded EVA is designed to contour to your feet, offering a level of comfort that no other over-the-counter insole can compete with. Conforma is specifically designed to work with today's shoes, allowing natural flex while maintaining proper neutral position. 


Foot Health

Wearing Conforma Insoles has been tested and proven to help prevent and alleviate lower body pain such as plantar faciitis, shin splints, tired feeling feet, biomechanical misalignment and heel and forefoot pain. Conforma uses pure silver thread technology, 100% anti-microbial, anti-static and anti-odor to manage heat and perspiration. 




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