Custom Insoles 

Improve Your Health

If you spend the majority of your work day on your feet - whether you’re cutting hair, walking around in stiff dress shoes, or on a construction site, Surefoot Insoles can improve your comfort and overall health. Many people have pain in their back, hips, knees, ankles, and even shoulders as a result of little to no support for their feet. For example, back pain often occurs when arches collapse inward; this causes the knees to bend in and the hips to come forward which ultimately results in the lower back arching more than it should. Surefoot Insoles provides proper support for your feet - and when your feet are properly supported, they can support you.

Surefoot Insoles can also help other ailments like plantar fasciitis and Morton’s Neuroma. Plantar fasciitis is a band of tissue that stretches underneath the foot from the heel to the metatarsal heads. Small tears can develop near the heel for many different reasons, the result being discomfort and excessive recovery time. Our custom insoles can help since they will properly support the foot and provide cushion at the same time. Morton’s Neuroma can be alleviated by providing support for the entire foot, including the metatarsal arch. This support distributes the weight of the forefoot and therefore separates the metatarsal heads.

Preventative Insoles

Not only will Surefoot Insoles make you more comfortable, improve performance in many activities, and provide relief for a number of body aches and pains, but the insoles will also protect you from future injuries. Providing your body with the proper cushion and support decreases the chance of injuries, especially in those who engage in high-impact activities, like running.

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