Custom Golf Insoles 

Best Fit in Golf Shoes

Surefoot is a well-known, powerful presence in the golfing industry, and has been for quite some time. We have had as many as 90 PGA players wearing Surefoot Insoles, not to mention some of the world’s most-respected golfing instructors. Surefoot golf insoles are custom made to the specific golf shoe to achieve the best fitting and best performing shoe for your game. 

Perfect Your Game

Surefoot golf insoles stack and align the bones of the foot in their strongest position - sub talar neutral. This neutral position is the starting place to provide proper alignment and support for your entire body. In golf, a stable platform and a balanced stance are the most effective ways to ensure a consistent, powerful swing. 

Maximum Comfort

The average 18 hole course will demand that a golfer walks at least six miles (and maybe even more, depending on the path of your ball). Surefoot Insoles evenly distribute your body’s weight throughout your feet, keeping your shoes secure and supportive. Players often feel they need a snug fit in their shoes to ensure a good feel of the ground. In order for the shoe to feel secure, many golfers tighten their laces; however, this reduces blood flow and therefore causes fatigue, aches, and numbing across the instep, arch, and metatarsal heads. Surefoot golf insoles will increase arch support and properly aligning the forefoot and heel, the need to tighten the laces is eliminated and therefore comforted is guaranteed. 


Surefoot Boot Fitting Process 


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