What is the most important piece of ski gear? Ski boots, of course. However, don't overlook the importance of your ski socks. Your ski socks act as the base layer for your feet. The function of a sock begins with its fibers. Ski socks that use natural fibers such as wool or silk will have properties that regulate heat, manage moisture, and provide a comfortable fit. Most socks use a combination of synthetic and natural fibers.

Merino Based Ski Socks: We feel that Point 6 makes the best ski socks available. Point 6 uses the highest end merino wool and produce the sock using its compact wool design. A merino wool ski sock regulates to your body's temperature, keeping you cool when it's hot and hot when it's cool. The socks are designed to breathe, helping to manage temperature and moisture. Don't be mistaken that wool socks are thick! Surefoot offers a variety of thicknesses depending on the skiers needs. As an added bonus, Point 6 is made locally in Steamboat, Colorado. Select a ski sock that incorporates high quality merino wool fibers to achieve performance, warmth and support on the mountain.


Compression Ski Socks: The CEP Compression ski sock has a unique combination of premium merino wool, ployamide and high-tech spandex. CEP compression ski socks are designed to maximize stability for muscles and joints providing the skier optimum performance and recovery. The increase in circulation translates to warmer feet and more energy, enabling you to ski all day long. Cold, heavy legs are a thing of the past with CEP ski socks.

CEP Compression ski Sock

Heated Ski Socks: Whether you are just walking around the town or skiing around the mountain, turn on the heat! Heated socks can be used for multiple purposes, not just when you are skiing. They function similar to a ski boot heater using a lithium ion battery with three different heat settings. The best part is the heat can be continuously regulated remotely via a smartphone app.

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