ASPEN, CO – February 1, 2013 - ESPN’s Winter X Games returned to Aspen, CO for four days of thrills, spills, and a lot of air.  The four day event set record attendance and athletes made history while competing in superpipe, slopestyle, big air skiing and snowboarding.      

Surefoot was well represented in these games in both snowboard and skiing events.  Ten of the Winter X Game medalists use Surefoot Orthotics. World-class athletes take advantage of the free orthotics that Surefoot provides them because they know Surefoot Orthotics work.  X Games athlete’s bodies must endure a significant amount of impact when they are training and competing.  The Surefoot Orthotic is an important piece of equipment that gives the proper support and minimizes the chance of injuries for high-impact sports, such as the X Games events. 

Congratulations to the X Games Medalists:

Gold: David Wise - Men's Ski SuperPipe, Shaun White - Men's Snowboard SuperPipe, Nick Goepper - Men's Ski Slopestyle, Torstein Horgmo - Snowboard Big Air, Henrik Harlaut - Men's Big Air, Kelly Clark - Women's Snowboard SuperPipe

Silver: Henrik Harlaut - Men's Ski Slopestyle, Torin Yater-Wallace - Men's Ski SuperPipe, Kaya Turski - Women's Ski Slopestyle

Bronze: James Woods Men's Ski Slopestyle, Megan Gunning - Women's Ski SuperPipe