Take Your skiing to New heights 

Ask any skier with Surefoot Ski Boots--the fit, comfort, and performance of a Surefoot fit ski boot is unlike anything you have ever experienced. That’s why we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied. From our legendary Surefoot Insoles to our next-generation liner and our ability-specific ski boot shell, Surefoot offers you a ski boot with unsurpassed comfort, performance, and style. Our custom liners have concrete advantages that combine to take your skiing to new heights.   


Ski with Ease

With the precise fit of Surefoot Custom Ski Boots, there is no wasted movement. There is no single piece of equipment that will improve your skiing experience more than ski boots. The purpose of ski boots is to transfer energy from the skier to the skis. For that to happen effectively, ski boots should fit snugly so there is as little movement inside the ski boots as possible.This allows the skier to initiate a turn with only slight pressure from their feet, whereas boots that are too loose force skiers to use excess energy just to try to control their skis.




All Day Comfort

Surefoot’s custom ski boots offer a level of comfort that no generic ski boot can compete with. Your ankle and foot are enclosed in a state-of-the-art personalized liner. 

All Day ComfortThe snug fit directly translates into less fatigue as you ski up and down the mountain and beyond; the superior fit keeps your feet from sliding around in the boot so you ultimately ski with more control and comfort. 





With the Surefoot Custom Insole, we align your foot into the correct anatomical position. We then mold the boot around your foot with the Surefoot Custom injection process. The result is a correct and balanced stance in your new Surefoot Custom Ski Boot. Standard liners can force your foot out of its natural athletic stance, disrupting your performance and comfort on the mountain.     Alignment Scanner



We make the Surefoot Custom Liner with warmth in mind. By using materials that are designed for warmth, the foam is injected into the liner and flows around your foot creating a protective, flexible liner that molds to your foot and ankle. A precise fitting ski boot allows for constant blood flow and no disruption to the body's natural warming properties.  

T10A7164.jpgWhile regular ski boots press too hard or too little here and there, hindering blood flow; Surefoot Custom Ski Boots give you a precise fit resulting in amazing warmth. 



No Break-In Period 

When people think of getting fit for a new ski boot they immediately think about the inconvenience of the initial "break-in" period. With the Surefoot Custom Insole, the ski boot is molded to your feet and is fit just for you, resulting in no break-in period.  After the fitting process is complete, which takes approximately 70-90 minutes, you walk out of the door ready to ski. 



Proper Fitting Ski Boots Are the Difference 

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