Work At Surefoot

If you're like us, you have an unwavering passion for skiing that pretty much rules out any possibility of sitting in front of a desk all day. Surefoot provides the ultimate employment opportunity for skiers worldwide. We are a company that not only allows, but expects employees to combine their love for our sport with meaningful employment.

Surefoot, the world's largest custom ski boot company, is always searching for hard working, motivated skiers who want to work in the ski industry. Our employees are enthusiastic and truly believe that one must work hard in order to play hard (and believe us, the combination of working and playing is quite rewarding when you're in waist-deep powder minutes after a snowfall.)

Surefoot stores are located in the very best resorts throughout North America and Europe. The opportunity to work in any one of these locales is readily available to employees who succeed. Whether you're looking for seasonal employment or a career in the ski industry, Surefoot is your company. Twenty-three stores worldwide afford everyone ample opportunity to advance.

If you are interested in working at a specific Surefoot store, CLICK HERE to find the appropriate email address for the Surefoot location of your choice. If you know you want to work at one of the twenty-three Surefoot stores worldwide but are unsure of which resort location or city store looks most appealing to you, please send your resume to

A Day in the Life of a Surefoot Employee: Verbier Manager Christoff