Crans-Montana, Switzerland 

Years With Surefoot


Favorite Place to Ski

A place where I'm the only one to know about it!

Favorite Day of Skiing

Every single day of skiing is a unique chance that not all of us have. No matter what snow or weather conditions, there is always something to learn while skiing and if it is not about the technique it is about the mountain or even yourself.  

what is The best part about working for surefoot?

Fitting ski boots is like a game. There is always something to try, remove, or adjust to make the fit better. Plus, it is a lot easier when you're working with the best products on the market. 


What really matters when you want a comfortable and durable relation (with your boots) is not the look of it, but how well it fits you. At Surefoot we're using the most precise custom insoles and liners on the market and we will do everything possible to get you skiing in the best ski boot you've ever worn. Screen_Shot_2017-11-09_at_12.05.20_PM.png