Surefoot's Painless Way to Keep up With Growing Feet

At Surefoot we have a commitment to the next generation of skiers and racers. That's why we have developed our Growing Pains program. This program allows for children's growth and offers you the opportunity to keep your kids in properly fitting ski boots at a reasonable cost.

If within two years of the date of purchase of a pair of kids ski boots, the buyer outgrows the first pair of ski boots (in size), they can return the ski boots for a 50% credit towards the purchase of a new pair of kids ski boots.

In addition, any child still in their growing years can purchase Surefoot Insoles along with ski boots, if they outgrow their Surefoot Insoles they can get a new pair with a purchase of ski boots at no charge. At Surefoot we offer a wide range of kids ski boots from Lange, Tecnica and Nordica.  Our kids ski boot fitting process uses the same procedure as any other customer.


Best Kid’s Ski Gear – Surefoot Boots – The best money you will spend on your kids!

If you want to have a happy child, start with their feet. You would think that after teaching skiing for multiple decades, that I would have gotten this point. But it was the beginning of last season and I rented my child some boots for the year. We made it halfway down the first run and he was not a happy camper.Luckily, Surefoot was right across the street; we walked in and started looking at the wall of boots. Ski boots are NOT a fashion accessory. Don’t get me wrong, style and looks would weigh into our decision, but the right fit is the most important. Read the entire article here.

Growing Pains