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Can I purchase Surefoot custom boots or orthotics at any ski store?

No. Surefoot custom products are only available at our Surefoot stores, located worldwide. For a store near you, please CLICK HERE. Customers who have had their feet scanned at a Surefoot location may order additional orthotics via e-mail by CLICKING HERE.

How long does it take to get fitted at a Surefoot store?

The fitting process generally takes one hour.

Will my Surefoot guarantee be honored at any Surefoot location?

Yes. The Surefoot guarantee is valid and will be honored at any of our worldwide locations. In addition, repairs can be done at any of our Surefoot stores, regardless of which location you originally made your purchase. For a list of stores, please CLICK HERE.

Will the orthotics I have in my ski boots work in other footwear?

No. The orthotic you have in your ski boot is milled out of a firm material that is specific to skiing. However, you can purchase additional orthotics that can be custom milled for almost any type of footwear, including golf, running, tennis, biking, hiking, and everyday street shoes. For these and other activities, we use a less dense material that helps to absorb the impact each time your foot makes contact with the ground. If you have had your feet scanned at a Surefoot store and would like to order additional orthotics, please CLICK HERE.

Can your boot technicians make adjustments to my current boots so they are more comfortable?

Yes. Surefoot has the tools and expertise to make almost any boot fit better. Be aware, however, that many issues of discomfort are related to improper fitting. While allowances can be made for ski boots that are too big or too small, you won't have an optimal fit without a totally custom ski boot. We can, in general, make a boot fit better. We can't, however, make the wrong size boot the right size. For more information, visit one of our stores. For store locations, please CLICK HERE.

I only ski a few times a year and am a decent intermediate skier. Can a custom Surefoot boot really make that much difference in my skiing?

Absolutely. What many skiers don't understand is that your ski boots are at the heart of the total skiing experience. Ski boots that hurt due to pressure points or being the incorrect size are naturally going to diminish your skiing experience. Either way, ill-fitting ski boots lessen your control and increase your fatigue. Cramping, circulation issues, and even basic imbalance may result. On the other hand, a pair of properly fitting ski boots is one of the best and fastest ways to not only improve your abilities, but also your enjoyment of the sport.

If I only ski a few times a year, why should I own a pair of boots?

Some people who ski infrequently consider renting ski boots. However, doing so will greatly diminish your skiing experience. Because rental ski boots have been worn by so many skiers before you, they have been packed out and are unable to properly hold your foot in place. This causes your foot to slide around in the boot, which reduces your ability to control your skis. In addition, every ski boot that you rent places your body in a different position each time you ski, making it hard to improve. Together, these factors simply make skiing more difficult and less enjoyable. While renting skis is a great way to save money, renting ski boots can detract from your skiing experience.

I really want a pair of Surefoot custom boots for my child, but his feet are still growing and I don't want him to outgrow the boots by next season.

At Surefoot we have a commitment to the next generation of skiers and racers. That's why we have developed our Growing Pains Program. This program allows for children's growth and offers you the opportunity to keep your child in properly fitting ski boots at a reasonable cost. For more information about the Growing Pains Program, please CLICK HERE.

How long can I expect my ski boots to last?

It depends. There is no set answer to this question, as many issues must be taken into consideration. For example, the number of days you ski, your ski ability, physical size, and strength all factor into the impact you have on your ski boots. Similar to a car, which does not run as well at 200,000 miles as it did at 60,000 miles, your ski boots will not perform as well or be as comfortable after skiing in them 200 days as they did at 60 days.

How will my new Surefoot custom ski boots feel the first time I ski in them?

The first time you step into your new custom ski boots, they may feel strange, as they are so different from any other ski boot you have worn. On the first day of skiing, the vast majority of Surefoot customers find their new custom ski boots to be the most comfortable and best performing boot they have ever skied in. The ski boots will become more comfortable over the next few days as they continue to break in. However, due to the uniqueness of feet and individuals' varying levels of sensitivity, a small percentage of people will need adjustments, which can be easily and quickly handled by a boot technician at any Surefoot location.

What are the career opportunities at Surefoot?

Whether you're looking for a career in the ski industry or seasonal employment, Surefoot is your company. Twenty-three Surefoot stores worldwide afford everyone ample opportunity to advance. To learn more CLICK HERE.