Here's What Our Customers ARe Saying

Scott, Utah

I wanted to thank you for all of your help when I was in the store on Wednesday. I went skiing with my kids on Saturday and the boots worked out great, I was able to ski all day in them and did not even take them off during lunch, the only problem was my legs are so out of shape they gave out around 2:00pm!! The great news is now that I know that my feet will be fine I will work on getting my legs in shape, it's been over 10 years since I was able to spend the day on the slopes, my kids are really excited that I will be able to ski with them now!

Thanks again for all your patience and work to make my experience a great one. It was well worth the drive from Logan.

John, Steamboat Springs

My technician was Todd, and he was excellent. He began by asking me what I needed help with, and was very concerned with my issues. After reviewing my file, the decision was to start over with new boots. The fitting process was excellent, and resulted in boots that were both comfortable and well fitting. When the process was complete, the boots were more comfortable than my old boots had ever been. Skiing the next day was a revelation. My skiing was much more precise than it had ever been with my previous boots, and much more enjoyable. But the biggest change was my ability to ski ALL DAY with out my legs wearing out. I followed up with another day of resort skiing and then a full day of cat skiing. I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling. I want to thank Todd and Surefoot for the new boots; it has been a turning point in my skiing. Because my boots fit, I have more confidence and am skiing steeper lines than ever before. I have told everyone that has asked (and some that haven’t) how great Surefoot is and specifically what a great Surefoot store you have in Steamboat.

Todd was out when I went back by the store, so I would like to take this opportunity to say; Thank You Todd!

Rich, British Columbia

I went up and saw Sam at the Whistler store last week and got into a set of Lange Rex's with the new liner and new footbed. The difference is literally night and day from my old boots, which were a technical shell and liner I had bought from the Whistler store, and a Surefoot footbed. Before, I couldn't ski more than 3 hours without having to take an hour-long break to get my boots off and the blood flowing to my feet again. It really ruined the days I had because my friends and I would be hiking and I'd have to skip a loop or two to go down to the car, turn the heaters on, heat my boots up so I could get my foot out, and then do it again to get my feet back in. It really sucks when you'rw sitting around at the end of the day telling stories, and I wasn't a part of half of them because I had to do my "boot maintenance".

With the new boots, at the end of the day, I actually wanted to keep my boots on because they felt so good! I laughed to myself the whole way home. My friends almost had me convinced that skiing required your feet to be uncomfortable. When it becomes their turn to buy new boots, I will be personally driving them to the Whistler store (unless there's a closer store by that point!). Sam Mcdonald is the reason I will be a customer for life. I absolutely love your product and the way you deal with your clients. I look forward to *hopefully* being a part of that next year.