Herve Lemouzy



 Bozel, Savoie, France

Years With Surefoot


Favorite Place to Ski

Les Trois Vallées

Favorite Day of Skiing

I remember in 1989 in Engelberg Switerland, there was a week of non-stop snow near the end of the season. I was a Club Med ski instructor at the time, and all the skiers had left for the season. The ski instructors all stayed for an extra three days. We skied down the North Face of the LAUB, which is a 900 meter vertical drop! We did this 10 times that day; however since there were no fat skis at the time, we had to stop every 20 turns to regain our breath!

What is the best part about working for Surefoot?

I have been a part of the Surefoot team for 17 years and have learned that you become a master in ski boot technician with age and experience. It's like wine: aging is not always bad!

Also, I'm fortunate to work 50 meters from the Courchevel ski slopes, which is considered the biggest ski area in the world! We look forward to lunchtime so we can go out for a ski break!

Something Interesting About Me

I have always been a skier! At the young age of 13, my goal was to be a ski instructor and considering I grew up in Paris, it was not an easy task. I have been a ski instructor since 1985 and am fully certified as a French and U.S. instructor.  


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