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Starting October 1st, we're open daily 9am-5pm.


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Manager: Ray Rice

Killington Surefoot

Surefoot's Killington, Vermont location is widely known for providing excellent service to our customers. We guarantee the best fitting best performing ski boots available in the Eastern United States. We have been on the Killington Access Road since 2000, establishing, a reputation of very high caliber and creating thousands of happy feet. Surefoot Killington is an official service center for the United States Ski Team. We are the number one service center for top Eastern Masters racers and do fittings for many University, High School and Alpine Mountain school athletes throughout New England and New York. Surefoot's Growing Pains Program is unmatched in allowing all ages to have great fitting ski boots enabling us to fit younger skiers as they work through their early stages of skiing and racing. Ski resorts around the East have very hard surfaces due to the excessive need for man- made snow. It is hard and fast, and conditions can range from hard-packed and ice to powder. Sometimes all in the same weekend. With this in mind we must fit the boots more efficiently than other locations that deal with less challenging conditions. When it is firm the responsiveness is crucial, as well as the fit has to be more precise. When a skier puts unnecessary forces in the wrong direction it can cause foot or leg pains. We see more often that Fatter skis have an adverse affect on the fit on harder surfaces. The perfect fit is accomplished through computerized scanning to the exact millimeter of your foot. Our intrinsic knowledge of each ski boot shell shape and flex, aids us in matching the customer's specific needs. We take a three dimensional scan of each foot, which allows us to create Surefoot Orthotics affording a solid foundation. We then customize the shell specifically to each foot and through injection of a Surefoot Custom Liner we create a seamless product. This level of perfection is rare but we have succeeded in bringing this to every skier that wants this level of comfort, performance and warmth. When skis are on a firm surface the alignment and need for correct canting are critical. We are proficient at alignment and canting correction. We have worked very hard to understand the dynamics of what is occurring during the proper ski turn. This level of ski boot fitting is available in Surefoot's Killington location everyday. Please come see us for a fitting.

Surefoot Killington Reviews

"My first few times out on the mountain weren't so good to start. I was in tears thinking how could I have wasted another large sum of money on yet another pair of boots. Feeling hopeless I decided to go back to the store and see what they could do. I went back 3 times, each time after skiing so I could effectively articulate what was bothering me.  Finally with the amazing assistance of Jesse and Adam (who also worked on them and was equally as entertaining and educational) I now for the first time in my life have the most amazing fitting boots. My overall experience has been wonderful and I have recommended Surefoot not just to skiers but to all athletes and people who work on their feet. I also have been telling everyone about the stellar service and supreme boot fitting skills of the Killington store employees. Your guarantee and continued service to your customers is the reason why not only my boots will forever be sure foot but so will my nephews boots as well (I buy them all their ski stuff).

 THANK YOU for creating such an insightful way of measuring and attending to the shape of our feet and envisioning a boot that truly is meant for your foot in every aspect.  Wishing u and the entire Surefoot team a wonderful 2015! "

"I have just realized the true benefits of Surefoot custom fit ski boots.  I have owned a pair for the last 4 years and have been skiing with happy feet as a result.  The airlines lost my luggage this past weekend.  I was in Aspen with a foot of fresh powder; forced to rent all my equipment.  I couldn’t get over how much my foot moved around in the rental boot and how “unattached” to the ski I felt as a result.  On my final day I received my boot bag and was able to ski in my Surefoot boots.  The difference was astounding.  I couldn’t get over how much netter I skied in my custom boots; how totally connected I was to the ski as a result.  I had truly taken the performance benefits for granted all these years.  

 Ladies, if you want to improve your skiing ten fold; go get “foamed”.  Get a custom ski boot from Surefoot and change your skiing immediately.  I was lucky enough to be “foamed” by the master Ray Rice in Killington; but any of the boys at Surefoot will treat you like a queen and make your boots fit you like a glass slipper."