Kyle Ballinghoff



 Estes Park, CO, USA

Years With Surefoot

Favorite Place to Ski

Steamboat and Interior British Columbia

Favorite Day of Skiing

 I will never forget Heli-Skiing with CMH in Bugaboo Provincial Park, BC, Canada. We skied 186,000 vertical feet in seven days and my skis touched nothing but powder. When that helicopter first lands only feet from you, the icy rotor wash beating against your face, your heart feels like it is going to fracture your ribs. Once they drop you off on the summit, you start second guessing your decisions, however tunnel vision and unfiltered focus kick in as soon as you lay out that first turn. At the bottom is the purest joy imaginable and then you load back up and do it all over again. That is the hook: running through such a range of emotions in only 15 minutes and then continuing that roller-coaster all day long.

What is the best part about working for Surefoot?

The best part of working for Surefoot Steamboat is the superb trees and unblemished powder. Steamboat isn’t the steepest place in the world, but if all the conditions mix correctly, Steamboat can get hit with some of the lightest, driest snow in the world. Steamboat literary trademarked the term “Champagne Powder”. Throw perfectly spaced aspen tree groves into the mix of deep and dry and this special place leaves skiers smiling from ear-to-ear. Steamboat Springs is a bit more remote than the rest of CO but what skier doesn’t want more of the powder to themselves?

Something Interesting About Me

I bought a typewriter instead of an IPad. I once bowled a 238. I throw right and bat left.  


I have grown up in Colorado spending whatever free time I have skiing. After 18 years of skiing and feeling pretty confidant about my abilities, my first pair of Surefoot Custom Boots made me a better skier. Instantly.