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Manager: Todd Koenig 



Experience all that Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in California has to offer with the perfect fitting ski boots from Surefoot. Surefoot Mammoth is recognized as one of the best ski boot shops, equipped with all the top brands of ski boots and ski accessories. The boot fitters have extensive experience and knowledge about ski boots and want to ensure that you leave with ski equipment that will increase performance and comfort on the mountain. At Surefoot we understand that a proper fitting ski boot is the most important piece of ski equipment and will improve your skiing performance and comfort. Surefoot has developed a system of boot fitting to make sure every skier gets the most out of their ski boots. Surefoot offers hand-selected ski boots from Nordica ski boots, Tecnica ski boots, Lange ski boots, Salomon ski boots, Full Tilt, Dalbello and many other top brands; all can be made custom for you with Surefoot’s Insole and Custom Liner. If at any time you have a pain in your ski boot that needs an adjustment visit Surefoot, the ski boot specialists and we will repair it for you.

Surefoot ski boot specialists are located in the heart of Mammoth Village. Our staff is trained and equipped with all the resources to fit custom ski boots, standard ski boots or make adjustments to existing ski boots. A proper fitting ski boot is your lift ticket to ensuring you can enjoy every run down Mammoth Mountain. Do not endure the pain of ill fitting ski boots or rental ski boots. Take the time to come into a Surefoot Specialist Ski Boot Store and get the best fitting ski boot for you. Surefoot in Mammoth village also carries top brand accessories including POC Helmets, POC goggles, Smith Helmets, Ski Goggles, mitts and gloves from Hestra and Swany, ski boot heaters and more. Experience the difference between good skiing and great skiing.  



Surefoot Mammoth Reviews

" It was zero degrees over New Years 2015 week my feet were so cold that they actually when numb. I had my Surefoot boots for over ten years and somehow I developed a blister from the rubbing on the liner. 

Not only were the guys on top of fixing the liner and remove the rubbing, when I purchase new boot heaters, they had the heaters ready 90 minutes.

All other shops who tried to sell me the $300 plus said it was impossible to do...the three shops I went to told me I had to pick up my boots after 8 am, no exceptions....something that was unacceptable due to Mammoth's early ups that weekend starting at 7:30 am.

After I  drop off my boots, went the hot tub, the staff was so service oriented that I did not even have to come into the store to get them. They offered to bring them to the curb, to my car and kindly thanked me for the business.

I wholeheartedly recommend Surefoot Mammoth for their care, expertise and over awesome customer service."

Manager Todd Koenig



Doylestown, PA

Years With Surefoot


Favorite Place to Ski

Mammoth Mountain and the surrounding backcountry of the Eastern Sierra.  

Favorite Day of Skiing

My favorite day of skiing would be a stormy day on Mammoth Mountain. I woke up early to get one of the first chairs on Chair 22. I always have to take a top to bottom run down the face of Lincoln Mountain to start my day. After that I start to explore all the different aspects of Lincoln. If the wind is blowing out of the southwest you can ski the Avi Chutes all day with face refills!  

What is the best part about working for Surefoot?

Working for Surefoot Mammoth has allowed me to live and play in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  

Something Interesting About Me

I moved to Mammoth 13 years ago to ski for a season after college. I think it is safe to say that Mammoth is my home. I look forward to having my daughter, Addie grow up in this beautiful area and instill in her my passion for skiing.


I first tried the Surefoot custom boot before I worked for the company. I believe that it was the single most important step in me progressing as a skier and enjoying my time on snow.