Surefoot Mountain Club


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How it Works 

  • The Surefoot Mountain Club is available to all new and existing Surefoot customers who have purchased a Surefoot Custom Ski Boot
  • $125 annual fee for membership (half price for children under 18), which includes free ski boot storage at any Surefoot location
    • Add your skis and poles for an additional $50 (each additional pair of skis is $25)
    • If your next ski trip is at a ski resort in a different town than where you last left your gear you will be charged the standard shipping fee of either FedEx or UPS. Example: you left your gear at Surefoot Deer Valley and your next trip is to Aspen. In addition to the $10 staging fee, you would pay the shipping fee from Deer Valley to Aspen. If you last left your gear in Vail and your next trip was to Beaver Creek, no shipping fee is required.
  • Staging: Ski boots are the most important piece of ski gear you can own! We will take great care of your boots and have them warm and ready for you on pick up day so you can start your ski vacation off right. For added convenience you can put your boots on in the store and leave your shoes with us at the base of the mountain!

    What fees can I expect when I go skiing? (Expected Fees)
    • $10 staging fee to have your Surefoot boots + skis waiting for you in Surefoot at the base of the mountain on your first day of skiing
    • Standard shipping fees will apply only when equipment is to be delivered to an alternate location from where your equipment was dropped off


Terms of Use

Surefoot Mountain Club promises that you and your equipment will receive the most comprehensive customer service we can provide. Our goal is to make skiing more convenient by taking the best care of your items and ensuring that your equipment is ready for you upon your arrival at a Surefoot store or alternate location.

  1. Customer Responsibility to Notify Surefoot Mountain Club of Travel Plans
    1. Member must notify Surefoot Mountain Club a minimum of 48 hours prior to arrival to ensure equipment is ready for pickup at the last location of equipment drop off
    2. Member must notify Surefoot Mountain Club a minimum of 48 hours plus required shipping time defined by UPS or FedEx prior to arrival to have equipment delivered to alternate town location for pick up
    3. Emergency Service: if member forgets to notify Surefoot Mountain Club and arrives at a Surefoot store to pick up equipment, Surefoot will get the equipment to the store as quickly as possible. Member will be charged an emergency service fee that varies by Surefoot location (fees vary depending on how far Surefoot Mountain Club employee needs to travel to reach facility where equipment is stored. For example, a 60-minute round trip drive costs $60)
  2. On-Time Guarantee:
    1. Surefoot guarantees all deliveries by the end of day on the scheduled delivery date given by shipping company. Give us an extra day if you’re going to arrive in the morning and want to pick your boots up to get first turns.
    2. Surefoot Mountain Club is not responsible for any delays in shipment caused by weather related events. However, if equipment arrival is delayed Surefoot will arrange to provide you with rental equipment while waiting for equipment delivery. If equipment is lost because of our own error, Surefoot will replace with the most similar equipment available at no cost to you

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