Surefoot Ski Boot Tips

How To Buckle Your Ski Boots

Properly buckling your ski boots is critical to a comfortable day on the mountain! Click on the image below and learn the correct way to buckle your ski boots as well as tips on how to take your ski boots off at the end of the day. 









Rent Skis Not Ski Boots 

Tired of ill-fitting rental ski boots? Your ski holiday is invaluable. It’s not just the expense of the holiday or your sacred time.  For most of us it’s the few weeks of the year that you can enjoy the mountains and skiing.  Part of that enjoyment comes from being comfortable in your ski equipment and perhaps the most important part of your set up is your ski boots. Visit a Surefoot location today we have a ski boot for every level of skier. Click on the image and learn why you should Rent Skis Not Ski Boots.  













The Importance of Proper Fitting Ski Boots 

Whether you are a beginner skier or advance the size and fit of your ski boot matters and will enhance your performance and ski experience. Ask any skier with Surefoot Ski Boots--the fit, comfort, and performance of a Surefoot perfect-fit boot is unlike anything you have ever experienced. In addition to our custom ski boots we have standard ski boots from Lange, Tecnica, K2, Full Tilt, Nordica, Head, Dalbello and Salomon. At Surefoot we have a ski boot for you! Click on the image below and learn why proper fitting ski boots are the most important piece of equipment