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Gary Miller - Olympic Alpine Ski Coach

Surefoot takes a dramatic leap into rarified air by introducing custom-made ski boot liners with memory foam.  Those of you who sleep on a Temperpedic mattress will know exactly what I’m about to describe. Read Entire Review

Randy - Alta Instructor/Ski Patroller

I am and have been a professional skier my whole adult life. I am an instructor, patrolman, and guide.  My boots are the most important piece of equipment, because if my feet hurt there is no way I am able to ski effectively no matter what skis or bindings I am using. For the past 20 years, plus, I have been going to Surefoot to have my boots fit right. Read Entire Review

Michael, New York City

My daughter had purchased a pair of ski boots from your NYC store during Thanksgiving weekend to accommodate the surgery she had on one of her feet earlier this week. Your team had punched out the shell to relieve some pressure on her foot. We spent a day on the slope this past weekend, and my daughter was smiling cheek to cheek. The boots fit very well and no pain. Thank you for offering such a great product for skiers. You now have a customer for life.

Matt, Santa Monica 

The second they put these insoles in my shoes, my knees, back, shoulders and neck felt better. Aligned. Remarkable. After I bought them I actually said, out loud, "This is the most worth-it thing I've spent money in a while." Everyone in the store was kind, knowledgeable and helpful. Very cool. Very worth it.


You gave skiing back to my husband.  He’s 58 years old and has significant mechanical issues with his feet.  Over the year's she’s had more and more difficulty skiing. Ski boots never seemed to fit quite right, more and more pain to the point where he couldn’t tolerate more than a couple of hours on the slopes.  He decided to give Surefoot a try and he almost wept (with joy, not pain) after his first trip out with his new liners. Read Entire Review

Scott, Utah

I wanted to thank you for all of your help when I was in the store on Wednesday. I went skiing with my kids on Saturday and the ski boots worked out great, I was able to ski all day in them and did not even take them off during lunch, the only problem was my legs are so out of shape they gave out around 2:00pm!!
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Anne, Whistler

For approximately 10 years our family has been purchasing ski boots from Surefoot. Our two daughters have always purchased their ski boots through the Surefoot Growing Pains Program. We highly appreciate Surefoot for the fantastic boot fitting service which has been extended to us over the years. Read Entire Review

Lorrie, Breckenridge

I could not be happier with my new ski boots! I can finally ride the entire day with my husband and my feet no longer hurt! I truly appreciate the integrity of both John and Surefoot to honor the lifetime warranty of the ski boots. Thank you! John gave me great customer service and has turned me into a true fan of Surefoot Custom Ski Boots. Read Entire Review

Sam, Utah Ski Patrol

By my estimate, the old liners had been in three different boot shells and skied for about six hundred days! I wasn't sure that new ones would fit as well or perform to the same standard. The new custom liners proved my fears wrong. As soon as I got back to Alta, I broke them in with an afternoon of high speed wind buff. Truely remarkable. You guys are the greatest and I appreciate the chance to actually have ski boots I wear 150 days a year not hurt! Besides the point, they rip, better control and none of that loose feel! Read Feature Article

John, Steamboat Springs

The fitting process was excellent, and resulted in ski boots that were both comfortable and well fitting. When the process was complete, the ski boots were more comfortable than my old ski boots had ever been. Skiing the next day was a revelation. My skiing was much more precise than it had ever been with my previous ski boots, and much more enjoyable. But the biggest change was my ability to ski ALL DAY with out my legs wearing out.  Read Entire Review

Rich, British Columbia

With the new ski boots, at the end of the day, I actually wanted to keep my ski boots on because they felt so good! I laughed to myself the whole way home. My friends almost had me convinced that skiing required your feet to be uncomfortable. When it becomes their turn to buy new ski boots, I will be personally driving them to the Surefoot Whistler ski store. I absolutely love your product and the way you deal with your clients.
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Erich, Colorado 

I can't say enough about the Surefoot system! I first started out with the custom insoles which improved my fit and stability on skis. Eventually I went with the full custom liner and it transforms your skiing! There is no wasted energy from your feet to the skis. The durability is unmatched in the business. As a ski patroller we put gear through the hardest tests and Surefoot liners are the only ones that will last. They routinely get me through nearly 300 work days before having to be replaced. Any time I need an adjustment the crew is always helpful and gets the job done quickly. Best ski boot product on the market!

Robby, Breckenridge 

Best ski boot guarantee around! Customer service is the best! Worth every penny on new boots, custom liners and footbed.



Matt Ross taking his Surefoot Custom

Ski Boots deep!

Surefoot Custom Ski Boots