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Ask any skier with Surefoot Ski Boots--the fit, comfort, and performance of a Surefoot perfect-fit boot is unlike anything you have ever experienced. That’s why we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied. From our legendary Surefoot Insoles to our next-generation liner and our ability-specific ski boot shell, Surefoot offers you a ski boot with unsurpassed comfort, performance, and style.

Getting a pair of Surefoot Custom Ski Boots is easy and only takes one hour at which time you are ready to ski. Visit a Surefoot store and follow four basic steps:


Insole Scan

When you arrive at our store, you will be greeted by one of our hand-picked Surefoot technicians, who will perform an initial scan of your feet. Using a proprietary foot scanner

Our process will measure your foot in 538 places
with pressure-sensitive rubber pegs, our process will measure your foot in 538 places, producing a three-dimensional topographical map of the bottom of your foot. Data from this map is sent electronically to an insole fabrication machine.




After scanning your feet, the Surefoot technician will do a thorough evaluation of your skiing history, athletic ability, physical build, and future goals. He or she will use the information you provide, along with your computer-generated measurements, to select the best boot for you.



Using your personal computer-generated measurements, insoles are molded out of raw ethyl vinyl acetate blanks on a three-axis CAD-CAM milling machine. The insole is sealed with a non-slip Surefoot fabric and trimmed to match your precise boot size.


Custom Liner

To create your custom liner, you will be asked to step into your new ski boot, which includes your custom insole and its unfilled liner. The Surefoot technician will manually inject a gel-like foam into the shell lining.

...the foam solidifies, creating a protective, flexible liner that molds perfectly around your foot and ankle
After five minutes, the foam solidifies, creating a protective, flexible liner that molds perfectly to fit your foot and ankle.



Bonus: Heaters

As a service to our customers with chronically cold feet, your Surefoot technician can also install boot heaters at this point. Using digital technology, a variety of remote-controlled heat settings, and long-lasting batteries, boot heaters offer relief from the cold.

Russ Shay ski boot fitting


Surefoot Boot Fitting Process 


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