An Event You don't want to pass up

Last February, Surefoot Europe presented the Surefoot Challenge. The challenge took place throughout our Surefoot stores in France and Switzerland. Participants had the opportunity to compare a Surefoot Custom Ski Boot to any other off the shelf boot and keep the one that they prefer. For Free. We know we make the best fitting, best performing ski boots in the world, and now we proved it. 

Want to Participate Next Time?

Simply send an email to and tell us why you should. Winners will be notified.

Reviews from Participants of the Surefoot Challenge

Before I thought that custom boots were an extra something that wasn't necessary to improve your skiing experience. However I now realize that Surefoot Boots are an essential. Not only has it improved my skiing but the comfort that the boots provide on the slopes is next to none.
-Alistair McIntosh, Courchevel 1850 Resort Manager for a large British ski tour operator 

Thanks to Aaron and Liam Luke from Surefoot for allowing me to partake in the Surefoot Challenge where I compared boots in the box with a Surefoot Orthotic and with the full custom liner. From being a bit of a may well have won me round! Cheers guys.
-Facebook post following the test 

The material is more advanced and softer [than Conformable]. I am surprised by the advanced technology. [The liner] was more technical than I was expecting.
-Gigi Coutett, X-Games Participant, US and European Open in slopestyle and half-pipe 

It feels like before I was driving a mini, and now I am in an Aston Martin.
-Maria Beddoe, local Courchevel skier