The Foundation of a perfect fit 

Surefoot Insoles provide an accurate and exceptional foundation to improve comfort, performance, and efficiency in all your activities. We begin by taking a computerized scan of the bottom of your foot. While the scanner is working, we rotate your ankle, placing your foot in “sub talar neutral.” This “neutral position” is the strongest skeletal stance that your foot can hold in athletic activities. The scan in this position results in better alignment, and improves support for your knees, hips, and back.

Surefoot Insoles provide the correct foundation to improve comfort, performance and efficiency.

Once the computer has mapped your foot in the neutral position, the scan is translated into a topographical map. We are then able to alter the scan to match your activity and ski boots/shoes. For example, we often have the computer reduce the arch support of a running insole, while the ski insole is most often made with the fullest support.

Our computer-driven miller then mills your custom insole out of a solid piece of EVA. While insoles are advantageous for all sorts of activities, some of the most common uses include skiing, running, golfing, biking, and general use.


Ski Insoles

Whether you are enjoying a beautiful winter day with the family or doing jump turns above exposure, Surefoot Insoles are the first step in creating a proper fit inside your ski boots. The insole holds your feet in their strongest, most stable position, and as a result you’ll be able to ski better with less effort all day. Learn More about the benefits of Surefoot Custom Ski Insoles



Running Insoles 

Whether you are training for your next marathon or just taking a jog around the block, each stride you take as you run can cause quite an impact on your body - specifically on your feet. It’s crucial to have the proper support and cushion in order to reduce fatigue and prevent running injuries. The combination of proper running technique, carefully selected running shoes, and Surefoot Insoles provide the necessary support and cushion that our feet need. 
Learn More about the benefits of Surefoot Custom Running Insoles.


Biking Insoles 

Cycling is one sport where the extreme physical demands are nearly exceeded by the technical demands. Just look at the advantage one rider can have over another when a lighter, stronger bike or component is used. Yet in the search for the next revolutionary frame, alloy, or drag-reducing material, most riders don’t realize that they should be looking to take care of themselves before they update their bike. Surefoot bike insoles are designed to help hold the foot in a powerful, neutral position that aligns the strongest bones in the ankle and foot. Learn more about the benefits of Surefoot Custom Biking Insoles. 


Golf Insoles

Surefoot golf insoles is a well-known, powerful presence in the golfing industry and has been for quite some time. We have had as many as 90 PGA players wearing Surefoot Insoles, not to mention some of the world’s most-respected golfing instructors. Learn more about the benefits of Surefoot Custom Golf Insoles. 

General Use & Health Insoles

Surefoot Insoles can also help other ailments like plantar fasciitis and Morton’s Neuroma. Plantar fasciitis is a band of tissue that stretches underneath the foot from the heel to the metatarsal heads. Small tears can develop near the heel for many different reasons, the result being discomfort and excessive recovery time. Our insoles can help since they will properly support the foot and provide cushion at the same time. Morton’s Neuroma can be alleviated by providing support for the entire foot, including the metatarsal arch. This support distributes the weight of the forefoot and therefore separates the metatarsal heads. Learn more about the benefits of Surefoot Custom Insoles. 

Alignment Scanner



Surefoot Boot Fitting Process 


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