Here's What Our Customers ARe Saying


I ski 70-100 days per year and have tried many different custom fitted ski boots.  Surefoot is very unique and by far the best fitting, best performing, and most comfortable I've ever experienced.  I originally went to Surefoot because I had broken my left ankle and my right tib/fib and have a few bones that stick out now.  My boots are more comfortable than any boots I've ever had even prior to my injuries.  Also, the performance I get from custom liners is outstanding.  My skis are much more responsive without the unnecessary slop or wiggle room inside my boots.  I wish I had sought them out much sooner.  I couldn't be happier!  


I flew to NYC this morning to have my second experience with Surefoot.  My first insoles were purchased in Steamboat CO 15 years again and have served me well.  Teddy greeted me this morning with a huge smile, and lots of energy not to mention his knowledge of your systems/procedures. I was in and out of the store in the promised 2 hours of time.  Could not have been a better experience.  Thanks Again Teddy!!!!


As a skier for more than 30 years I struggled with boot fitting for over two decades. No matter what I tried I could not find the perfect balance between comfort and performance. That was until I was told about Surefoot.

As a snow sports professional for the past 10years, I realize the importance of a proper fitting boot. Surefoot has not only met my demanding needs of a correctly fitted and aligned boot, they have helped many of my guest to achieve that same level of comfort and performance I have experienced.

I recommend Surefoot to any of my guest that believe comfortable and well performing boots are out of the question and feel they have to settle for poor performance or aching feet.

Mary and Jeff

As two very satisfied customers of your Copper store, we wanted you to know how excellent the customer service is at this store.  In particular, we need to tell you how good of a representative and fitter Kurt is.  He deserves recognition as such, thanks for the great boots and service.


Your Surefoot ski boots are the only comfortable ski boots that I have worn in all of my 47 years of skiing. THey are great performing ski boots too. Thank you!


I was off skiing pain free and in total control of my skis as never before. You have opened the sport of skiing to a new level for me and my joy is overflowing.  


Just wanted to follow up that Surefoot ski boots that Eric Hatch took care of for me in October at Surefoot New York City worked and continue to ski extremely well. I can wear them all day with no discomfort. There is no need to open the buckles even when relaxing for a beer. I look forward to the next time I go skiing. Thanks again for developing a great product and of luck and wishes to you and your worldwide team of Surefoot Custom Ski Boots. 


My family and I spent the past 10 days in Aspen. After two horrible days skiing in rented boots, I came to Surefoot to purchase my own pair. Hank Carter fitted me and I left with great new Lange ski boots. My remaining week on the slopes was terrific because of the difference having ski boots that fit meant.  Thank you to Surefoot. 


THANK YOU for creating such an insightful way of measuring and attending to the shape of our feet and envisioning a boot that truly is meant for your foot in every aspect.

Meb Keflezighi - 2014 Boston Marathon Winner 

Thanks for making the insoles for me. I am starting to train and have been using the insoles. They have been great!


I was really excited to try my Surefoot Custom Ski Boots.  They are super comfortable and warm ski boots. After not being too excited about skiing for several years, my new boots got me back in the groove and I skied more this season than I have in the past 10 years!

George B.

Four years of Skiing in misery, with foot pain, came to an end when I discovered SUREFOOT ski boots!! Thanks so much for making this Sport FUN AGAIN !


I got insoles for my walking shoes. They are great!  I had insoles that I had gotten from my podiatrists for plantar fasciitis and I threw them away after wearing Surefoot's product for a half a day. They are so superior to any product I have ever tried. I still can't believe how great they are. I can actually go for walks on the beach now with my wife. This was something I was unable to do without being in extreme pain. I got more custom insoles from Surefoot to put in all my footwear. I love this product! Love it


Wanted you to know that the newboots you fit me in last fallworked great this ski season – I love them and had absolutely no issues. They are super comfortable – was my best year of skiing in years! 


I could not be happier with my new ski boots! I can finally ride the entire day with my husband and my feet no longer hurt! Surefoot Custom Ski Boots are the most comfortable, best performing ski boots.  


You guys are the greatest and I appreciate the chance to actually have ski boots, I wear 150 days a year not hurt! 


The biggest change was my ability to ski ALL DAY with out my legs wearing out.


For approximately 10 years our family has been purchasing ski boots from Surefoot. Our two daughters have always purchased their boots through the Surefoot Growing Pains Program.


With the new boots, at the end of the day, I actually wanted to keep my boots on because they felt so good! 


Thanks for the custom fit on my new Surefoot Custom Ski Boots. My boots fit like gloves!!

Mark Burg

The most comfortable, best performing boots EVER!

Todd Plumb

First day in my new boots, almost kept them on for the drive home. Very happy and thanks to all in the Surefoot Keystone ski shop.

Andi Taylor

A HUGE thanks to the Surefoot Breckenridge. Custom foot beds made my ski boots feel like slippers! So happy with the product, awesome knowledgeable staff as well!

Nancy Haney

Huge THANK YOU to Evan at Surefoot Steamboat!!! I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a day of skiing as much as I did on Friday!!


My new Surefoot Custom Ski Boots are AMAZING! Thank you so much for thinking of your family and friends.


Thank you SO much for my new boots. I LOVE them. My skiing is better already!


Skiing yesterday was another world for me. I haven't ever had Surefoot Custom Ski Boot and it is so HUGE. My skiing has improved and the comfort level was heaven. Thank you so very much!


I spent the next three days enjoying skiing more then I have ever enjoyed it. I felt reborn. Thanks again, for creating a company that helps people enjoy this awesome sport of skiing.

Anne McInerney

We are all in your boots, of course, my daughter has been in the Growing Pains program since she was 2, and I’m in your full-on Surefoot Custom Ski Boots – with heaters! Couldn’t live without them.

Lorrie Johnson

I could not be more happy with my new Surefoot ski boots. I can finally ride the entire day with my husband and my feet no longer hurt.

David Warren

Thanks again for making your part of the ski experience fun!

Trent Philips

I don't find myself ever leaving the Surefoot family. I have not only gotten my second pair of boots, but I have referred a handful of close friends and family that are now spokesmen for Surefoot.


Thanks to Surefoot I now realize that I can have high performance boots that are also comfortable.  The level of responsiveness between my Surefoot boots and ski is unlike anything I have ever experienced.


We now have the best fitting ski boots in the world and have you to thank for it.  Your expertise and problem solving are incredible in providing solutions to the fit of our ski boots. 


United lost my ski boot bag and I ended up renting ski boots and for the first time I really understood what my Surefoot ski boots do for my skiing. I have been taking Surefoot ski boots for granted. Told everyone I met about my custom ski boots,  the difference they make and that they all needed to go to Surefoot!!!


Once again, thank you for the custom Surefoot Liners and Orthotics!  Honestly, I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t ski in custom ski boot liners. They not only provide optimum performance, but also provide a better fit long term.  As you know, for more experienced skiers, getting a ski boot shell properly setup is key and then we don’t want to touch it.  I’ve had shells outlast liners many times.  It’s much easier to get a re-foamed liner in a few years than to completely set-up a new boot.


My daughter's feet were hurting so bad in her ski boots after her first day skiing the mountains of Park City.  I told her we are going to the Surefoot ski boot store. I watched Emily ski without her feet hurting and the smile on her face was worth everything!!!! Everyone in the store is so very nice and friendly. Thank you Surefoot!  My turn next year! 


New ski outfit for Johnny: $450

All day ski instructor: $750

All day lift ticket: $120

Having your child not whine all day about their feet: Priceless!