Thomas Nutting



Temple, NH, USA

Years With Surefoot


Favorite Place to Ski

Anywhere there is fresh untracked snow.

Favorite Day of Skiing

It's really hard to nail down one day when I've been skiing 100 days a year since I was in high school but, my top skiing moments, qualifying for the XGames, my first ski vacation in Lake Tahoe, skiing with some of my best friends and my second ski vacation to Salt Lake City, where we arrived after a monster storm dropped 86" of snow!!! That's when I realized Utah was where I needed to live. I moved there 2 yrs later and began my third ski vacation, it's now been about 10yrs, best vacation ever!

What is the best part about working for Surefoot?

The best part of working at the Deer Valley Surefoot store is that I get to ski everyday I want to, on the “greatest snow on earth”, with my best friends.

Something Interesting About Me

I competed in the second XGames in Crested Butte CO. Skiing on those silly little skis going huge!!


Surefoot Custom Ski boots and my relationship started in 2000/2001 ski season in Utah, my close friend from college was working at the Deer Valley store and he liked it a lot. When the repairman position came available that winter I jumped on it. The job was perfect, I skied all day and showed up to work at 4pm to fix the daily boot problems. That winter I got my first pair of proper fitting ski boots, with a Custom Surefoot Orthotic, it made an unbelievable difference! Most importantly I had a boot that was the correct size and then adding the Surefoot orthotic gave my feet more support and control. As my ski career advanced and I was competing in freestyle events like big air and slope style and big mountain competitions. Injuries were always something I was dealing with. When I totally shattered my left heel, I thought it would be a career ender. I was unsure how I was going to able to walk or run normally, never mind fit into a ski boot. The next winter I worked at Surefoot Park City store. The technology that Surefoot uses almost made the process too easy; with the orthotic to support my foot plus the custom foam injected liner gave me the ability to ski with comfort!