Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Years With Surefoot

8 (21 seasons in Val d'Isere)

Favorite Place to Ski

Val d'Isere

Favorite Day of Skiing

Christmas Day 2011. My friend and work colleague, Rowan, decided to go up on the hill for a taste of what was to be a great opening run. We both found ourselves on the top of a clean untouched Face de Chavet, extremely rare!! This was not a run to be taken lightly but after assessing the safety of the snow we decided to ski. It was the best run I have done in 21 seasons in Vald'Isere. Clean bottomless powder from top to bottom for over 600M, now that's what I call a Christmas present!

What is the best part about working for Surefoot?

Surefoot Val d'Isere is what skiing is all about. We are a hub for the local community and help every level of skier who comes to the resort improve and enjoy the best sport in the world: SKIING!

Something Interesting About Me

When I am not skiing I am fortunate to spend at least 1 month kiting the coast of Northern Brazil. If you haven't tried it, you're missing out. Good for ski legs too!