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Surefoot Winterheat

Surefoot Winterheat is the cherry on top of a perfect ski boot. Controlled using an app on your phone, Winterheat has 10 different heat settings to keep your toes warm all day long.

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Foam injected liner

The Surefoot Custom Liner is heater integrated and injected using a gel-like memory foam material that solidifes after about 5 minutes, giving you a true custom fit.

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Ability-specific shell

After scanning, a Surefoot technician will carefully analyze your anatomy, skiing ability, frequency, preferred terrain, and other relevant factors to select the perfect ability-specific shell that suits your needs. We carry all the major ski boot brands, with over 100 models to choose from.

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Custom Orthotic

Our proprietary digitizer scans the foot in 538 different places, producing a three-dimensional topographical map of the bottom of the foot. These precise measurements are then sent to a CAD/CAM milling machine which produces the Surefoot Custom Orthotic, the foundation of a perfect fit.

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Change the way you ski

Optimal Comfort

Less Fatigue

We’re setting a new standard, and redefining the balance between comfort and performance. Surefoot Custom Ski Boots don’t just fit– they become a natural extension of you. Reduce fatigue and enhance enjoyment with comfort that lasts from the minute you put your boots on to the minute you take them off.

Stay Warm

Ski Longer

Comfort is a universal craving, and warmth is top of mind when engaging in winter sports. Our memory foam liners don’t just promise comfort - they offer a drastic warmth advantage over generic liners. With the addition of Winterheat, frozen toes become a concern of the past.

Better Fitting

Better Skiing

Surefoot Custom Ski Boots eliminate unwanted movement inside the boot, facilitating a seamless transfer of energy straight to your skis. Many underestimate the complexity of properly fitting a generic ski boot– it’s like trying to drive a race car with a loose steering wheel.

The Surefoot Custom Fitting Process

Our proprietary fitting process fits you into the best fitting, best performing and most comfortable ski boots on the market, in just over an hour.


Orthotic Scan


When you arrive at our store, you will be greeted by one of our hand-picked Surefoot technicians, who will perform an initial scan of your feet using a 3D imager. You will then step onto our proprietary 538-point foot scanner, which creates a topographical map of the bottom of your feet.

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After scanning your feet, our Surefoot technician will do a thorough evaluation of your skiing history, athletic ability, physical build, and future goals. He or she will use the information you provide, along with your computer-generated measurements, to select the best boot for you.

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Using your personal computer-generated measurements, orthotics are molded out of raw ethyl vinyl acetate blanks on a three-axis CAD/CAM milling machine. The orthotic is sealed with a non-slip Surefoot fabric and trimmed to match your precise boot size.

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To create your custom liner, you will be asked to step into your new ski boot, which includes your custom orthotic and its unfilled liner. Our Surefoot technician will manually inject a gel-like memory foam into the shell lining.

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Immediate Comfort. Immediate performance.

No break in period.

Trusted by the best

The Best Bootfitters in North America, According to Industry Pros

"The Shay brothers are ski racers at heart and the hardest working guys in the business. They infuse that ethic into their prime locations, and make sure they get the fit right so you’re comfy in a boot that also performs. Plus, you can’t beat the company. Years ago my son was getting his boots worked on and didn’t notice the woman sitting next to him reading the paper in her socks was Lindsey Vonn." —Edie Thys Morgan, SKI contributor and former ski racer

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Custom Orthotics beyond your ski boots

Surefoot Comfort in Every Shoe

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