The original ski boot heater

Heated ski boots are the solution to cold feet. Engineered to eliminate cold toes, Surefoot Winterheat ensures optimal circulation, crucial to your ability to control your skis. With Surefoot liners, there is no heater installation required. Get the batteries for your Surefoot heater integrated liners, or get the whole heating system suitable for any ski boot!

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Bluetooth Control

Experience the next level of warmth and convenience. Seamlessly manage the temperature settings right from your smartphone. Plus, effortlessly pause your heaters when you're in the lodge, extending battery life for all-day comfort on the mountain.

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Battery Life

Never worry about cold feet again! With a full charge, Winterheat delivers up to 17 hours of continuous warmth, ensuring you stay comfortable from the first lift to the last run.

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10 Heat Settings

Winterheat adapts to your needs with the touch of a button. Fine tune your comfort with 10 different heat settings to choose from for those lengthy chairlift rides, or an intense run that gets your heart rate up.

Bluetooth Control

Temperature control from your phone

No more sacrificing performance for warmth– thanks to Surefoot Winterheat, the pinnacle of heated technology, you can have both! Continuously evolving through rigorous testing, we're committed to delivering only the best to our valued customers. Enjoy unparalleled convenience by adjusting the heat settings directly from your phone, or manually on the batteries if you prefer. For ultimate customization, you can even set different heat levels for each boot!


Surefoot in Jackson Hole is amazing!! I am loving my boots, and have reached a new level of enjoyment in skiing. The heated boot liners are a game changer! Phil and the staff were amazing to work with. Thanks!!

Dwayne, Jackson
Insider Info

Winterheat Powers Olympians

In the first Winter Olympics following the invention and launch of Surefoot's Winterheat, every medal-winning alpine skier was using our revolutionary heated technology.


Do all Surefoot liners come with heaters?
All Surefoot liners are heater-integrated, which means they come pre-installed with the heating element. To activate the heating feature, simply purchase Winterheat batteries.
Absolutely. Winterheat is compatible with all ski boots and liners, and the heating element only takes about 20 minutes for us to install.
The charging port for your batteries is conveniently located under the metal clip at the bottom of the battery. To charge, simply pull back the clip and use the USB-C charger that was included with your purchase. Don't forget to charge them overnight before a day of skiing!

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