The Surefoot Custom Fitting Process

Our proprietary fitting process takes just over an hour, after which you’ll have your new boots, ready to hit the slopes. These aren’t just ski boots, they’re game changers.

Ask any skier with Surefoot Custom Ski Boots - the fit, comfort, and performance are unlike anything they've ever experienced.

That's why we guarantee that you'll be completely satisfied with the fit.


Orthotic Scan

Orthotic Scan

The foundation of a perfect fit

One of our expert Surefoot technicians will start out by performing an initial scan of your feet using a 3D imager. You will then step onto our proprietary foot scanner with pressure-sensitive rubber pegs, which measures your foot in 538 precise locations, crafting a detailed, three-dimensional topographic representation of the bottom of your foot. This data, a digital blueprint of your foot, is then sent electronically to an advanced orthotic fabrication machine. This is where technology meets comfort, and where your perfect fit begins to take shape.


Expert Evaluation

After scanning your feet, the Surefoot technician will do a thorough evaluation of your skiing history, athletic ability, physical build, and future goals. He or she will use the information you provide, along with your computer-generated measurements, to select the optimal ski boot for you. We have over 100 models to choose from and carry all the major ski boot brands such as Lange, Nordica, Tecnica, Atomic, and Salomon, to name a few. Whether you prefer to stick to the bunny hills or you’re a seasoned expert, we have the right boot for you.


Custom milled just for you

Beginning with your unique, digitally-rendered measurements, your orthotic starts to take shape. Solid pieces of raw ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) - a material renowned for its durability and comfort-enhancing qualities - serve as the starting point for your custom orthotics. Using an advanced three-axis CAD/CAM milling machine, these raw EVA blanks undergo an intricate shaping process, perfectly tailored to your foot's distinct contours. This high-tech milling ensures an accurate, matchless fit, setting the foundation for superior comfort and support. Once shaped, the freshly-molded orthotic is sealed with a non-slip Surefoot fabric, offering an additional layer of stability inside your boot. The final step is a meticulous, hand-guided trimming by our skilled experts, fine-tuning the orthotic to align flawlessly with your boot shape. This rigorous process ensures that your custom orthotics offer unparalleled comfort, fit, and performance - because every detail counts when it comes to a perfect fit.

Custom Liner

Foam Injected Custom Liner

To create your custom liner, you’ll step into your new ski boots, already equipped with your custom orthotic and unfilled liner. Our expert Surefoot technician will manually inject a gel-like memory foam material into the shell lining. Within five minutes, the foam solidifies, creating a protective, flexible liner that molds perfectly to fit your foot and ankle. With that, your brand new Surefoot Custom Ski Boots are ready for immediate action, tailored specifically for you. And remember, our commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t end here. Should you ever encounter any issues, simply visit any of our 29 locations worldwide. We’re always happy to make any necessary tweaks or adjustments, guaranteeing your perfect fit for the lifetime of the product.

Our Commitment

Fit Guarantee

Surefoot wants to provide you, our valued customers, with the best fitting, best performing ski boots possible. If for any reason or at any time you are dissatisfied with the fit of your Surefoot Custom Ski Boots, just bring them into a Surefoot location where we will repair or replace them at our discretion and at no expense to you. This guarantee does not cover the natural breakdown of materials over extended time and use.

Our Commitment

Growing Pains Program

If within two years of the date of purchase of a pair of kids ski boots, the buyer outgrows the first pair of ski boots (in size), they can return the ski boots for a 50% credit towards the purchase of a new pair of kids ski boots. In addition, any child still in their growing years can purchase Surefoot Orthotics along with ski boots, if they outgrow their Surefoot Orthotics they can get a new pair with a purchase of ski boots at no charge.


These guys are the best! After going through two pairs of ski boots that were improperly sized to my feet (and causing tremendous ankle pain), I walked into Surefoot for advice and came out with the most amazing boots perfectly fitted to my foot. The next day of skiing was so much better. I had zero pain and was able to cruise down the mountain easily. Highly highly recommend, so worth the money! And the customer service is fantastic. My technician was so understanding, explained everything clearly, and didn’t pressure me to buy anything.

Monica, Breckenridge

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