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If you’re serious about instantly enhancing your overall skiing experience, it’s time for a custom ski boot. Our goal is to provide all skiers, beginners and experts alike, with the best fitting, best performing and most comfortable ski boot they’ve ever worn. Let our expert Surefoot technician guide you through each step of the process to create the perfect fit, just for you.

Surefoot Custom Orthotic

Custom Orthotic

Surefoot Custom Orthotics provide an accurate and exceptional foundation to improve comfort, performance, and efficiency in all your activities. Surefoot Orthotics are the first step in creating a proper fit inside your ski boots. The orthotic holds your feet in their strongest, most stable position, and as a result, you’ll be able to ski better with less effort all day. You must visit one of our 29 locations so we can scan your feet using our proprietary technology. Once we’ve captured your foot’s unique profile in-store, you can reorder additional orthotics online anytime.

Surefoot Custom Liner

Foam Injected Custom Liner

Surefoot custom ski boot liners come in five unique models designed for the nuances of all foot shapes and ability levels. From beginners to experts, a Surefoot custom ski boot liner is the best way to end the cold, pain and misery of ill-fitting ski boots and enjoy skiing again. Surefoot custom ski boot liners work with all brands and models of ski boots and come heater integrated.

Ski Boot Shell

Ability-specific shell

After scanning your feet, the Surefoot technician will do a thorough evaluation of your skiing history, athletic ability, physical build, and future goals. He or she will use the information you provide, along with your computer-generated measurements, to select the optimal ski boot shell for you. We have over 100 models to choose from and carry all the major ski boot brands such as Lange, Nordica, Tecnica, Atomic, and Salomon.

Surefoot Winterheat

Winterheat Ski Boot Heaters

Stay warm on the mountain with our fully customizable heated ski boot liners – no additional heater installation required! Compatible with any ski boot brand or size, Surefoot Winterheat is app-controlled, offering ten levels of heat settings right from your phone. Forget numb toes, get the heat!

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