Performance Engineered Insoles

A Million Foot Scans

Conforma Insoles are the result of over 40 years expertise, a million foot scans, passion-driven design, and rigorous testing. From concept to production and sport-specific application, our goal is simple; make Conforma Insoles work in unison with the bio-mechanical function of the lower body.

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Conforma Insoles

Supportive yet Flexible

The Conforma insole by Surefoot is specifically designed to work in unison with modern running shoe design. It achieves this by eliminating three-quarter length shank technology, resulting in an even more supportive and flexible platform.

Flex Groove Technology

Conforma accomplishes a supportive yet flexible platform by incorporating flex grooves and a scientifically shaped anatomic arch based on the average foot position of hundreds of thousands of athlete foot scans.

Allows for Natural Foot Flex

Conforma will completely change your running experience. Our lightweight, precision-engineered insoles work in tandem with running shoes to allow the foot to naturally flex through the entire gait cycle, giving runners a more natural foot flex, improved fit and comfort, and help reduce long-term overuse injuries.

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The Conforma Insole Evolution

It began in a tiny store as a solution to ill-fitting ski boots and has evolved into the most tested and proven pre-molded insole to ever hit the market. Each year, we scan more than 100,000 feet in our stores, continually adding to the most comprehensive foot data ever compiled.


Your Surefoot ski boots are the only comfortable ski boots that I have worn in all of my 47 years of skiing. They are great performing ski boots too. Thank you!

Ken | Colorado


Do you take the insole that came with your shoe out and replace it with Conforma?
Yes. You'll want to remove the factory insole from your shoe before you insert Conforma.
No. Conforma Insoles come in full sizes, but they will fit a half size up. For example, a size 8 insole will fit a size 8-8.5 shoe.
They sure are! Conforma Insoles are made with high tech FreshFab™ Top Sheet utilizing Silver Thread technology for an anti-microbial, anti-odor and anti-static environment, while providing proper “grip” to keep the foot in place.

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